Chalet Comellas (1971 she/her) was born in Tampa, FL and lives and works in Nashville, TN. Her expanded media practice seeks to engage viewers through generative frameworks, visually and sonically. Employing painting, sculpture, video, sound, site-specific projects, and various extensions of technology, Comellas’ conceptual works reflect on methods of abstraction and her personal connection to the complex histories surrounding the Latin Diaspora. Her energetic and software assisted compositions both highlight and raise questions about our contemporary relationship to non-human systems.

above: Rehearsing apologies to machines we taught to learn, Analog record player with Arduino board and switch, programmed to assist the continuous play of a lathe cut phonographic disc, automated sound bath controllers, and software based video generator, made in collaboration with Clint Sleeper, installation view with video clips, 2022.

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October 2022 * Group Exhibition
Delivery Systems
University of Arizona, Joseph Gross Gallery

September 2022 * Co-curated Project
Unrequited Leisure
mediating, feat. Vidya Giri + Maria Molteni