Chalet Comellas

Chalet Comellas (1971 she/her) was born in Tampa, FL and lives and works in Nashville, TN. Her expanded media practice seeks to engage viewers through generative frameworks, visually and sonically. Employing painting, sculpture, video, sound, and site-specific projects, Comellas’ conceptual works reflect on her personal connection to the complex histories surrounding the Latin Diaspora, contemporary methods of abstraction, and the intersections of art and technology within spiritual practices. Her energetic, and at times, software assisted compositions both highlight and raise questions about our relationship to non-human systems and intelligences.

above: Do I contain multitudes? And other questions for Carebots, silk, woven cotton fabrics, plaster, and acrylic on wood panel with audio electronics, 2022. The title, a quote from Glitch Feminism (Russell's take on Whitman's "Song of Myself") paired with the notion of an AI healer-bot. Includes a commissioned audio track of planetary frequencies from mixed with my own voice recordings of chanted mantras for Chakra balancing, 2022.

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Dec 3, 2022 - Jan 26, 2023
Curatorial Project
Ellen Letcher + Julie Torres: needle in the hay
Unrequited Leisure
Nashville, TN