Works > F.A.R. Faculty in Residence Project

In 2018, I was invited to be the Visiting Faculty in Residence at The Facility for Arts Research at Florida State University. The main mission at FAR is to encourage collaboration in the arts and beyond and to help facilitate these interactions I took on re-imagining the look and functionality of the common room that exists between FAR’s three project spaces of Commabox, Small Craft Advisory Press, and REBOOT. The room’s new design provided a comfortable seating area to host talks by visiting artists and view presentations by current faculty, providing a hub for creative exchange.

Utilizing plants, a variety of up-cycled materials and generated through a series of graduate student workshops, the items that populated the presentation space were inspired by the DIY ethos of designers Victor Papanek and James Hennessy and their popular 1973 book, “Nomadic Furniture - how to build and where to buy lightweight furniture that folds, inflates, knocks down, stacks, or is disposable and can be recycled.”