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AIR_(space) Project is an outdoor gallery space hosted by Unrequited Leisure Gallery and is located in the courtyard of The Packing Plant, in Nashville, TN. The works shown on the pole feature artists who explore the flag as a critical and topical medium and are driven thematically around issues related to both the environment and utopian / dystopian futures.

Launched in 2021, the project is an extension of Unrequited Leisure’s curatorial experiments and each selected flag will travel between two flagpole sites; one in Tennessee and the other in Florida, providing artists an expanded opportunity for regional exposure.

Cristina Molina + Jonathan Traviesa
Florida Flags (from the Sad Tropics series)
Archival pigment print on flag fabric
Jack Michael
Flag for National Days of Rest
Linen blend with appliqué, hand painted fabric dye, machine and hand stitching, 63” x 36”