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Curating exhibitions is an extension of my art practice and I have done this both independently and with my collaborator, Clint Sleeper for Unrequited Leisure, an artist-run gallery that we founded in Nashville, TN. Exhibitions in the gallery are programmed organized, and curated by us and invited guest curators. The artworks presented in the gallery, online, or in satellite spaces are selected through a thematic curatorial framework. Our focus is on emerging and mid-career artists that explore screen-based approaches to critical and topical investigations and we have traveled select shows to both national and international art venues.

Exhibitions curated at UL

Disagreeable Giver
Jan 3 – Jan 31, 2019:
A solo exhibition by Marc Mitchell.

Experimental Film & Video Screening Series
February 28, 2019:
A screening program featuring Julietta Cheung, Rah Eleh, George Jenne, Stephen Nachtigall, and Jordan Vinyard.

Between One Thing and Another
March 2 – March 30, 2019:
A solo exhibition of works by Anne Stagg.

A Beautiful Mess
April 16 – April 30, 2019:
Karen Brooks, Chris Simpson, Jim DeVault

May 4 – 30, 2019:
A group exhibition featuring works by: Dan Hall, John C. Kelley, Sam King, Abigail Lucien, Elysia Mann

June 1 – 30, 2019:
A group exhibition featuring Allana Clarke, Carrie Fonder, Steve Giasson, Myriam Jacob-Allard, Julie Lequin, Kelly Lloyd, and Nathaniel Wong.
Organized by Didier Morelli, Arièle Dionne-Krosnick, Clinton Sleeper, and Chalet Comellas-Baker

Wears Weelsee Wen
July 1 – 28, 2019:
A solo exhibition of new works by Judy Rushin

Craig Drennen: Act IV Scene III,
August 3 – 31, 2019:
A solo exhibition by Craig Drennen.

September 7 – 27, 2019:
A group exhibition of printed materials by ILSSA: Impractical Labor in Service of the Speculative Arts.

Re: Tracing and This is Madness: A Proof
October 5 – 27, 2019:
Two solo exhibitions featuring Kelly Hider and Carolyn Henne.

Critical Distance
November 2 – 30, 2019:
A solo exhibition by Carolina Cleere.

Adjusting the Lens
November 9 – 30, 2019:
A traveling screening program of experimental video featuring Shelby Adams, McLean Fahnestock, Toby Kaufmann-Buhler, Wayne Robert Thomas, Ron Lambert, and Raquel Meyers.

December 3 – 28, 2019:
A two-person exhibition with Eleanor Aldrich and Guen Montgomery

Terra Nullius
December 14 – 28, 2019:
In the Project Space Christopher Kardambikis

also tubes
Feb 1 – Mar 28, 2020:
A group exhibition by Faith Holland, Amay Kataria, Everest Pipkin, Jeff Thompson, Lee Tusman.

Future-Framed Works
May 1 – 31st, 2020:
An experimental group exhibition featuring Liat Berdugo, Gabriella Torres-Ferrer, Rebecca Forstater, and Bahareh Khoshooee.

JPEGS, Joint Photographic Experts Group Show
June 1 - Aug 29, 2020:

Adjusting the Lens: FEST
December 3-6, 2020:

Maybe she's born with it, maybe she's Maytag
February 6, 2021:
Performance video by Jordan Vinyard

UL's AIR_(space)Projects, Jack Michael, M. Kelley, Cristina Molina and Jonathan Traviesa, 2021

Liz Clayton Scofield: The play's the thing
August 7 - September 30, 2021