AIR, Assembly Is Required, functions as a collaborative pop-up event. These participatory art exhibitions connect artists with the community through the process of shared art making. A.I.R. events invite the participants into artist studios, galleries, and community settings and rely on artist and guest interactions to assemble a temporary installation that evolves over time at each site.

In this iteration of A.I.R. at 621 Gallery, I worked solo to create a project that focused on food justice and more specifically urban farming. This multi-media installation provided information and gardening tools to the viewer as an entry point into issues that food producers currently face.
Pages of information designed to resemble an IKEA product assembly pamphlet, were available for viewers to make into a book and take away. An important element that nods to "zine" culture and low-fi versions of information sharing made popular by the punk music scene. The text inside is borrowed from Vandana Shiva's book, Manifestos on the Future of Food and Seed. This information is disguised as an IKEA hack and provides an opportunity for the viewer to contemplate the political nature of what it means to “Do It Yourself” in that it offers an alternative to modern ideas of mass consumption. The viewers are also encouraged to plant seeds and return for the exhibitions close to share what has been!