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Performance Installation
Working Method Contemporary, Tallahassee, FL
(In collaboration with Analog Analogue)
Which ideas will sell? The gallery consisted of two rooms, the front space had a large white square drawn on the floor, a projection and various props around the edges of the space. In the back room of the gallery, people were encouraged to visit a small desk and write instructions for the group in the front room to perform. A concierge (me) seated on the ledge would deliver the participants instructions to the crowd, up via a basket and pulley system and down, through a long glass tube that emptied into the front room, where the prompts were opened and placed onto a overhead projector to be projected on the gallery wall for all to see. Guests in this room could choose to respond to the prompts and also create their own prompts to add to the mix.
People roared, danced, pretended, threw apples, shouted cryptic phrases, etc.
A party ensued!